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    Espais metropolitans 2005/2008.
    Projectes i obres | p178
    Ed AMB | ISBN 978-84-87881-05-3
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  • Memoria The main strategies of the project are to guarantee accessibility to all points in the park, including access to the highest point on the hill, and structure a series of free areas in order to allow for different types of activities to unfold. The park is structured in two types of paths: those that allow direct connectivity between the city and the park, and those that organize the passage through landscape, linking the different open zones in order to arrive to the most significant points in the park. The wooden walkways are a system of self-bearing getaway with a certain level of structural autonomy, which allow for maintaining the criteria of an accessible circuit for pedestrians and drivers foreseen by the project, regardless of the different types of topographies in the space. The geometric independence between the walkway and the paths and the topography also makes it possible to reduce the amount of excavation.

    The strategy for formalizing the activity areas is through the expansion of the different paths proposed, avoiding large spaces which would represent difficulties topographically. The form and materials of these zones are created based upon the type of activity that takes place or depending upon the location of this zone within the park. The higher the location the less urbanized the solution for pavement. The overlook is the reference point of the project, given that it is the final point and the highest of all the paths in the park, from which there are views to the sea.

    The vegetation, generally, is of a local type to assure moderate water consumption. The types of plants vary depending upon location, use of the space and southern exposure (direct sunlight or sea breezes): On the big rock slabs that have a very vertical slope, different types of climbing vines with different floral colors and different leaf shapes are planted.

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