• 31 Viviendas de VPO

    Barrio del Poble Sec. Barcelona.
  • Equipo DATAAE
  • Ámbito Público
  • 4.313 m2
  • Fotografía Adrià Goula • Jordi Surroca
  • Reconocimientos 2005. 1r premio concurso
  • Memoria The project proposes urbanizing the street that passes under the building with inverted priority for decreasing (without denying it) the flow and velocity of car traffic, and thus improving the quality of the place. That underpass for cars and people is designed as a porched space with the qualities of light and openness proper to a public space. In terms of the street, the exact disposition of the vertical cores in relation to the housing is the mechanism that organizes each floor of the project, because some of the units disappear and the building adapts to the different heights of the surrounding constructions. Favoring a systematization of the floor, the project sets out the association of kitchens and baths with the interior patios in a technical strip that facilitates the vertical path of the mechanicals and natural ventilation of laundry areas.
    Materiality and Energy strategy
    The constructive system is of a ventilated facade with two different aspects, but with the same material, a fibrocement board. The lateral facades are made with a traditional opening with a vertical format with solar protection like aluminum roller blinds, and on the front facade there is a balcony with horizontal boards of the same material, creating a solar protection efficient for a southern exposure. The disposition of a maximum of units facing south makes it possible for the building to use solar energy reasonably, by facilitating solar protection during the summer and taking advantage of the solar exposure in the winter through openings in the facade.

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