• Publicaciones 2012
    Habitat futura 36 | p22
    Ed. Grupo habitat Futura

    16 edificios / 16 buildings. Helsinki sustainable challenge | p17
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    Casa & Clima. Per pensare, progettare e construire sostenible. Milano.
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  • Reconocimientos 2014. Archmarathon Awards. Premio Ex-aequo
    2014. Premios Enor. Finalista
    2013. Premios Bigmat. Finalista
    2013. XII Bienal española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Finalista
    2013. Premios FAD. Finalista
    2013. Premios Construmat. Mención
    2013. Premio Arquitectura Plus. 1r premio categoria arq. sostenible
    2012. Premio Vivienda Social de Catalunya. Finalista
    2012. Premios AJAC. 1r premio categoría obra realizada
    2012. Premios NAN. 1r premio categoría residencial
    2011. Selección Green Building Challenge Helsinki
    2011. 1er premio SAIE Awards. Concrete
  • Memoria The new university housing is located on the same block as the School of Architecture of Vallès. The project aims to adapt to the low density of the urban surroundings, prioritizing the direct relationship of the housing with the campus, with a low building, PB+1; adapting, without elevators, with a central community patio, in order to promote students’ relationship with nature.
    The residential program for architecture students makes it possible to imagine intensified coexistence between the users, both individually, thanks to the interior flexibility of the housing units, and collectively, thanks to the potential uses of the atrium as a space for social events.

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